The Cyber-Anthropology Behind Infidelity

Noel Biderman, LL. B.

  • Noel Biderman, LL. B.

About the author

Noel Biderman is the Founder and CEO of - the world's largest extra-marital dating website. As the face and voice of, Noel has often been referred to as "The King of Infidelity", and is the author of Cheaters Prosper: How Infidelity Will Save The Modern Marriage. His insight and research with esteemed academic bodies such as Duke University and Columbia University has made Noel a highly sought-after thought leader and expert in the worlds of entrepreneurship, e-commerce, and relationships.

Touted as a "genius" by Bloomberg Businessweek, he is often tapped by media around the world for his insight, and has been featured by a variety of high-profile media outlets including GQ Magazine, Vanity Fair, Financial Post, The New York Times, Newsweek, CNN and CNBC.

About the book

Infidelity has been a part of life and relationships since the dawn of time, but in 2002 our perception and understanding of affairs and infidelity changed when was born. The website designed for those seeking extra-marital affairs quickly ballooned becoming one of the fastest growing dating websites in the world and a hub for answers the betrayed and broken hearted have asked for thousands of years: Who is the most likely to cheat? How do they do it? And most importantly, why?

With research and data mined by prestigious researchers, universities, and educational institutions from the cheaters themselves, Noel Biderman, CEO and Founder of, unlocks the myths and mysteries behind love and lust inside, and outside of our marriages.

Genius - Possibly evil & certainly entrepreneurial!

-Bloomberg Businessweek

Sex 3.0.

-GQ Magazine

Noel Biderman built a business everyone loves to hate: a dating website for cheating spouses. Here's what you can learn from it.

-Inc. Magazine